We're here for you 💕

COVID-19 impacts each and every one of us. To support our community of educators whose schools are experiencing closures due to the outbreak, we’re providing free access to Buncee for the duration of their school's closure.

If you're new to Buncee and would like access for yourself, sign up here. This will give you access for 90 days to start. We'll extend it if you need more time.

If you're an existing Buncee user, login to your account and apply the coupon code rl2020 on your Billing Page for a 90 day account extension. Learn how here.

If your school would like access for 5 or more educators, you can also request a free Buncee for Schools account below. We'll get in touch within 24 hours to get some information to turn on your access.

EVERYONE! @Buncee is incredible. In less than 10 minutes they have set me up to get Buncee to my students while we embark on this distance learning adventure tomorrow! WOW. Thank you. @CitiCoach you already know how AMAZING these peeps are!

Susan Hellard, NBCT, @SusanHellard

... and our community is here for you, too

Looking for a helpful Buncee hand? Here are just some of our Buncee Ambassadors who are here to support you if you have any questions about using Buncee for Remote Learning and beyond!

Michael Drezek
District Tech Integrator

Bonnie Foster
Managing Director

Rachelle Dene Poth
Spanish & STEAM Teacher

Ide Koulbanis
World Language Teacher

Leticia Citizen
Educator & Tech Coach

Kristen Rafferty
Fourth-grade Teacher

Laurie Guyon
Educator & Assistant Coordinator

Amy Storer
Instructional Coach & Tech Integration Mentor