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Buncee 101:
Features & Use Cases

New to Buncee? Learn the ins and outs of the platform and how others have used it in their instruction.
Wednesdays at 4 PM ET
Fridays at 10 AM ET

Buncee 102:
Your Virtual Classroom

It's time for hands on training! Join this session to learn how to setup your students and share activities with them.
Tuesdays at 4 PM ET
Thursdays at 10 AM ET

Meet your host!

Join Gabby of the Buncee team for a walk through of all things Buncee. Her creative spirit will leave you with informative but fun takeaways to bring home to your in class or virtual instruction!

NOTE: Ukulele performance included upon advance request.

It's Idea O'Clock!

Math Activities with Buncee

Join us live on Friday, May 7 at 11:00 am ET, where Shalini will show us how to how to make fun math activities in Buncee!

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Digital Badge Notebooks with Buncee

Join us live on Thursday, June 3rd at 11:00 am ET, where Sumedha will show us how to how to end the school year by making Digital Badge Notebooks in Buncee!

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MS Teams + Buncee Week 2021

Supercharge your Classroom with Microsoft Teams and Buncee

Jan 25 at 5 PM MYT

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Buncee, Teams and Engagement, Oh MY!: Using Buncee and Teams to Increase Student Engagement

Jan 26 at 5 PM MYT

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The Perfect Team: Collaborate Creatively with Buncee and Microsoft Teams

Jan 27 at 5 PM MYT

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Buncee Creativity in the Virtual Classroom

Jan 28 at 5 PM MYT

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Buncee Creativity in the Virtual Classroom

Jan 29 at 5 PM MYT

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Re-live Past Training Sessions

Community Day in Spanish

Día de la Comunidad de Hispanohablantes

Únanse a nosotros el 20 de agosto para discutir ideas y estrategias para usar Buncee para crear una experiencia de aprendizaje interactivo para los estudiantes. Para este evento, organizaremos una sesión en español y proporcionaremos certificados posteriormente según la asistencia en vivo.

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Community Day Middle East

يوم مجتمع الشرق الأوسط

انضم لنا يوم 23 أغسطس حيث مناقشة الأفكار و الاستراتيجيات لاستخدام بنسي لبناء تجربة تعليمية تفاعلية للطلبة . نستضيف لهذا الحدث 4 لقاءات باللغة العربية و سنقوم بتزويدكم بشهادات بعد اللقاء حسب حضور اللقاء المباشر

جلسات إعادة المشاهدة

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Community Day India

सामुदायिक दिवस भारत

Together, we'll spend 3 days learning about features and use cases of Buncee that can help you create a fun and engaging classroom. The Buncee team and our speakers will be hosting one live session each day at 6 PM IST from August 24-26, and we'll be providing certificates after the sessions based on live session attendance.

Rewatch Sessions

Creative Beginnings!

3 days of community stories, best practices and back to school inspiration to help us transform the way we think & learn.

Whether you're a new or seasoned Buncee user, these sessions will leave you inspired to take your teaching practice to the next level. This year's focus is on the power of community and supporting strategies to engage our students, no matter the distance.

Date: August 3 - 5

Join us for a week long Buncee event in Malaysia, where educators across the globe will be sharing their experiences and strategies for enhancing student engagement, along with innovative teaching practices that you can bring back to your class. These sessions will help you learn how to use Buncee for remote, blended or flipped instruction and beyond!

Date: July 20 - 25

Time: 8 AM EST || 8 PM MYT || 12 PM GMT

Self-Paced Training & Resources

Visit Buncee's Help Center

Have a question about a specific feature? Check out our Help Center for all of our help articles and video clips.

View the #DiscoverBuncee Playlist

Need a quick tip? Check out our #DiscoverBuncee playlist where we cover quick Buncee how to's in 5 mins or less.

Learn to Create a Buncee

This video walks through all of the creation tools available to you.

Learn to Share & Publish Buncees

A walk through of all of the online and offline publishing capabilities.

Explore the Classroom Dashboard

Learn how to navigate the features available in the Classroom Dashboard.

Learn all about Buncee Boards

Learn how to build community engagement in and beyond the classroom with Buncee Boards.

Learn all about Buncee Badges

Learn how to earn and share badges collected in your account.

Explore the Student Experience

This video shows you how the app looks and works for your learners.

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