Quickly create fun, interactive and accessible content

Easily create interactive content

Create media rich content: student projects, lessons, presentations, activities, newsletters & more.

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Access 2,000+ templates & ideas

Save time with classroom ready templates and activities to jump start creativity in your class!

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Make content accessible

Create an accessible reading experience that has been proven to improve reading comprehension by 10%.

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Access from any device

Buncee is web-based and can be used on a Chromebook, Tablet or Desktop; and has an iOS App. Buncees can be shared online or downloaded for offline viewing.

Easily share creations to students

Share with a link

Share your Buncee using
it's URL. Update your
Buncee anytime, even after
sending out it's link.


Share to Students

Have students view & make copies of shared resources


Download offline

Buncees can be download
as PDFs or as JPEG images
for offline viewing.


Share to Boards

Create & share collections of resources and group projects


Share Collections in Wakelet

You can create your resources and activities on Buncee and share them as collections on Wakelet for easy access.

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Send Buncees as Assignments

Buncees can be sent as assignments to students right from their Buncee Dashboard or to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom.

  • Review student understanding by adding Multiple Choice & Free Response Questions

  • Grade and share feedback on student submissions

  • Keep learning resources and class discussion in one place

Create safe spaces for discussion and engagement

Launch Teams Calls to Share your Lessons

Teachers can schedule and share Microsoft Teams Meetings directly from their Buncee dashboard, making it easier for students and teachers to connect with one another remotely without the hassle of launching one app after another!

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Support Class Discussion

Students and teachers can keep the discussion going, no matter where they are; and post comments to Buncees, as well as to Buncee Boards.

Earn recognition with badges

Users are rewarded for their effort with badges as they create Buncees, complete assignments, engage on Buncee Boards, and more!

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Share to Teams & Google Classroom

Buncees can easily be shared as resources or templates to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom to carry the conversation with their class or with their peers.

Add Buncees to Flipgrid

Have students reflect on Buncee prompts with video responses

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Keep families and guardians informed

Send agendas & calendars with link

Send printable agenda templates to families to help keep track of student learning progress.

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Email newsletters
& updates

Send resources as emails directly on Buncee, and easily track who opened them to see who is up-to-date with your class news!

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Embed resources on your school site

Embed an interactive newsletter or announcement on your site to keep your community informed.

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Pin announcements as Tabs on Teams

Pin key resources in Teams to notify families of class updates or agendas.

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Manage content accessed by students and teachers

Customize Ideas Lab

Inspire your classrooms and easily share your school’s own personalized Buncee-based ideas and activities.

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Customize Templates Library

Create your own classroom-ready templates to help your teachers and students get jump-started.

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Customize Media Library

Personalize your school’s media and upload your own custom stickers, animations, and images (.jpg, .png, .gif).

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Oversee your classrooms, no matter where they are

Set Permissions

Administrators have the ability to adjust media access and sharing capabilities for students and teachers.

Moderate user work

Administrators can monitor and moderate user work, and set privacies schoolwide.

Monitor student progress

Create and manage your own classes, personalize instructions, as well as monitor student progress.

Keep your students and teachers safe

Buncee is

  • COPPA compliant

  • GDPR compliant

  • FERPA compliant

  • NYSED Law 2-D compliant

  • DigCit Institute & DigCit Kids approved

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