Featured Activity: Buncee Hugs for Heroes

Inspired and led by Buncee Ambassadors Kristina Holzweiss, Amy Storer, and Barbie Monty - this season we’re saying thank you to our heroes that are working tirelessly to stop the spread of COVID-19!

Join the Hugs for Heroes project, where we invite students, teachers, and families across the globe to create Buncee cards to show their appreciation to a hero in their town! We’ll be sharing out these cards in the official Hugs for Heroes Buncee Board. Learn more here.

Featured Activity: You've been virtually booked!

Recently, Shannon Miller, internationally renowned teacher-librarian recently launched, You've Been Virtually Booked! - a fun and engaging series where she'll share books from Capstone's Interactive eBooks to read each week. Check out the Buncee Board to view all of Capstone's Interactive eBooks to read together at home with your learners!

Ways to Teach Students with Buncee

Buncee is a versatile tool and there are a variety of ways to integrate it into your remote instruction!

Create Safe Spaces for Class Discussion with Microsoft Teams and Buncee

  • Students can join Teams Meetings scheduled & shared by teachers directly from their Buncee account! Learn more.

  • Teachers can share Buncees to Teams as Assignments or as part of conversations, helping to create a safe and teacher-monitored space for discussion. Learn how here.

  • Users can also share fun and creative Buncee messages to support classroom discussion! Learn more.

Collaborate with Teachers at School or Beyond with Microsoft Teams and Buncee

  • Users can easily pin or share Buncee made resources and templates with teachers and administrators for easy access and organization at their school or district. Learn how to pin key Buncees as Tabs here or how to share Buncees here.

  • Teachers can also invite educators across the world into a Team and share Buncee-made resources, such as lesson plans and fun activities, with one another.

Visualize lesson concepts for students

  • Use stickers, animations, 3D images or the drawing tool to visualize word problems, diagrams, or STEM concepts

  • Take students on a virtual field trip with 360 Images

  • Visualize and analyze poetry and dramatic structure

  • Check student understanding of concepts with multiple choice & free response questions

Create hyperdocs of web resources

Idea by: Buncee Ambassador Renee White
  • Directly embed Khan Academy or YouTube tutorials to supplement your lessons

  • Create a list of key research articles for your students to access for an assigned topic

  • Add primary sources from the Library of Congress and other research sites for students to analyze. Here's an example by Buncee Ambassador, Leticia Citizen

Record prompts or lessons with video or audio

  • Record yourself reading a story to your kids!

  • Record your task instructions using the video record feature

  • Record solution explanations for lesson concepts for your students

  • Practice speaking skills by recording audio on graphics

  • Explain concepts with audio recordings

Practice translation, grammar, and reading comprehension with Immersive Reader

  • Create an e-book or digital story and have your students use Immersive Reader to personalize text

  • Have parents translate class materials directly on Buncee to gain an understanding of what their children are learning in class

  • Use the translation tool to enhance students' understanding of foreign languages

  • Support learning of students with special needs using the Picture Dictionary and Line Focus features in Immersive Reader

  • Familiarize students with grammar concepts using the Parts of Speech labels in Immersive Reader

Have students creatively showcase their learning

Example by: Buncee Ambassador Karina Quilantan
  • Have students creatively document their learning progress at home using digital agendas, and easily share with teachers and peers

  • Recreate a scene from a story with backgrounds and animations

  • Collaborate with peers and classes from around the globe to co-author story books. Here's an example by Buncee Ambassador, Michael Drezek.

  • Print out Buncee's QR Codes and hide them in the room for a fun scavenger hunt

Share feedback or encourage peer review

Example by: Buncee Ambassador Dina Bolan
  • Have students exchange feedback on Buncees or Buncee Boards

  • Engage students in discussion and group projects

  • Assign, grade and leave feedback on student work

Learn how to add comments to Buncees
Learn how to add comments to Boards

Create & share templates with students

  • Create personalized templates for digital lab reports

  • Create templates for research assignments

  • Create templates for worksheets

  • Share templates with students to work on at home

Learn how Buncee Ambassador, Amy Storer, creates and shares templates to students from Ideas Lab

Help students track their goals & growth!

  • Have your students create their own learning path in a fun and creative playlist, where they can document their growth along the way!

  • Help your students start off the week right and have them create a goals checklist for each day of the week!

  • Have your students think about their daily routine and reflect on their progress, what they've accomplished, and what they can improve each day!

Explore Buncee's Ideas Lab for more

Ways to Collaborate with Parents

Help your parents know how to get started

Logging in is the first step to getting creative with Buncee! Share your learners' username and password, along with guidelines for parents to follow along with on a flyer. This will help them have the information they need to get started with their learners' account!

To use the template above, visit Ideas Lab and search 'Buncee Instruction'.

Send parent newsletters with updates!

Idea by: Laurie Guyon, Buncee Ambassador

Keep parents in the know and create interactive newsletters filled with the latest news and resources to access! Check out this board of examples for inspiration. Do you work with a diverse population of families? You can also translate Buncees into other languages - learn here.

Access templates in Ideas Lab by searching 'Newsletter'.

Send a friendly check-in and greet your learners and families!

We're all in this together! Let your families and kids know you care. Try sending a Buncee greeting to check-in on their progress or see how they're feeling. You can email Buncees right from your dashboard!

Access templates in Ideas Lab by searching 'Greetings'.

Streamline communication with parents with agendas and calendars

Remote learning doesn't have to be overwhelming for parents. Create agendas for each day of the week (or for the month!) to help parents keep track of learning objectives, events, and expectations.

Access templates in Ideas Lab by searching 'Agenda' or 'Calendar'.

Activities for Families to Learn Together

With Buncee, teachers and families can easily stay connected and keep the learning going - all in a fun and engaging way; no matter where they are.

Login to Buncee and copy the activities below to get started with your learners.

For more activities to do with your students, explore the At Home category in Ideas Lab.